Sunday, March 8, 2009

“NADYA SULEMAN IS NUTS” Snaps Ex-Publicist Victor Munoz

Nadya Suleman at home in the limelight as she never leaves the headlines. Nadya, the Octo-Mom, has been stirring up our psyche with her giving birth to 8 babies, asking dole outs in her website and now she's selling her Octo-mom Delivery Video (Octo-Mom Birth Tape) for a multi-million dollar demand. Now, her second publicist, Victor Munoz is saying sayonara to her because Victor said "This Woman is Nuts!".

Nadya Suleman Nuts

Victor Munoz in an interview with the US Magazine snapped out that Nadya Suleman has gotten all greedy and she is becoming unrealistic with what she wants. Munoz added that "This I can say: what ultimately destroyed the business arrangement was personal reasons."

For all the freak show Nadya Suleman has been through, she seems liking it that her life will be a living circus with all the crazy monetary prospects she's expecting to have by just giving birth to 8 babies. That is not just "nuts", but kind of scary for all those kids of hers!

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