Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wilma Galvante Retaliates to Annabel Rama Threats

When is this gonna end? This Annabel Rama and Wilma Galvante feud is getting boring already. All the threats, name-calling and antagonism is so five minutes ago. Why don't they just get on with the bloodshed and claw each other's eyes out? JC de Vera, why don't you speak up on your own? What are you, six years old? If you wanna transfer then go, if you wanna stay then go play second banana to an aging matinee idol like Marvin Agustin.

Annabel Rama, Wilma Galvante

Again, here's Wilma reacting to Annabel Rama's nagging (after the Arnel Pineda and Francis M. features):

At least, Wilma and Annable stirs us up a bit from the showbiz blandness this week. This is just so much better than the Jomari Yllana and Pops Fernandez split. I mean nobody speaks up on both parties and then what are they? The youngest love team that would rival the Gerald-Kim tandem? Oh well, this wraps up the week of Pinoy showbiz.

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