Thursday, March 12, 2009

NATALIE ROTMAN in the news | AP Reporter Natalie Rotman catches Russel Brand's Fancy!

Natalie Rotman often runs after celebrities because she's an Associated Press reporter. Yet, Natalie gets more attention than she needed from British actor, comedian, actor, columnist, radio/TV host and now book author Russel Brand. Notoriously dubbed as the British badboy, Russel Brand allegedly made untoward advances to Natalie Rotman.

Natalie Rotman

According to Fox News, Natalie Rotman was there to interview Brand to promote his new book. Here's what happened:

In Chateau Marmont last Thursday to promote his new publication "My Booky Wook: A Memoir of S3x, Drugs, and Stand-Up", but it seems he had more on his mind than just speaking to the press. After a fun and flirty interview with Associated Press Entertainment Reporter Natalie Rotman, the British badboy asked her to step into the private room with him next door which she did out of curiosity.

Brand (known for his cheeky charisma and s3x-addict attitude) then asked Rotman if he could kiss her. She denied his advances and it was then that he asked if she would show him and if he could touch her backside. According to Rotman, the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star told her "not to be nervous, there are no cameras" but again she firmly rejected him. Ouch.

"It went on for fifteen minutes," she told Tarts. "He kept persisting it was funny and charming but I am just not that kind of girl."

Too good that Natalie Rotman essentially knew what to do in situations such as that. Later, Rotman thought she can go on unscathed, Russel Brand verbalized having hots for Natalie Rotman by saying "to go impregnate this reporter." After that, Rotman chose to exit while Brand was getting a note from the producers.

Some say that Russel Brand is just playing a "good time" on Natalie Rotman because he's making this "sketchy" documentary. For whatever it is, a boo-boo goes to Brand for it is not a good way to treat a lady like Natalie Rotman.

Here's Natalie Rotman reporting in the Grammy's:

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