Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is Inez Villareal? | The 14 year old boy named Inez Villareal

Inez Villareal is one of the names mentioned by Gabriel Cardona in an intercepted conversation. Gabriel Cardona proudly proclaimed how he slashed the throats of 14 year old Inez Villareal and his very own cousin Jorge Alfonso Aviles (19 years old) in Nuevo Laredo using a broken bottle. Gabriel Cardona is now promptly being punished for his wrongdoings as he is now aptly charged for his offenses.
Who is Inez Villareal

During the hearings, the mother of Inez Villarreal begged to the presiding judge so that she will be given a chance to ask Cardona "where she could find her son’s remains, which court records say were burned with liquid fuel in a barrel, a method known as a guiso, or stew". In a Inez Villareal's mother could not contain her grief anymore that she said to Cardona: “I know the pain your mother is going through, but the stronger sorrow is mine because she knows where you are. “I am begging you on my knees that you tell the judge where my son is.” That was the cue where Cardona admitted everything about what he really did.

You can read more about this incident in CNN and Houston Chronicle.

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