Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NEW iPod Shuffle 4G 2009 / Latest iPod Shuffle Cool Features (VIDEO)

The new iPod shuffle 4G is the current gadget must-have! This new iPod shuffle comes with a VOICE-OVER feature and dubbed itself as the world's smallest music player that can talk to you! It's incredibly small and can be used even with your eyes closed because it can tell you the title of the song and the artist of the music you're playing. As it comes in two colors silver and black,new iPod shuffle is sleekly designed smaller than the average double A battery, making it half the size of the original iPod shuffle. No more screens, because the new iPod shuffle has a voice-over already. It's for people who really just dig music without navigation difficulty -- the voice-over is definitely much more convenient compared to any music player. It's a 4 gig gadget so you can wear yourself up with more than 1000 songs the new iPod shuffle can handle!
new ipod shuffle

Here's an instructional video of how you can fully enjoy the new iPod shuffle:

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  1. That sux,bc I wanna use my own headphones,not the shitty quality ones that come with them,I dont like it.


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