Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MANDISA - Mean and Lean Mandisa Loses Weight

Remember Mandisa -- That full-figured girl who was once the biggest threat to American Idol 5 Taylor Hicks? Well, Mandisa is definitely victorious at her battle of the bulge as she shed off more than 75 pounds! She's still voluptuous alright but she is still hoping to lose 100 more pounds to reach her ideal weight! Did she show that to Simon Cowell? Cowell once told her that American Idol needs a bigger stage because she got in. Well, Mandisa is now looking as beautiful as ever and Simon was even too happy to see her new-found figure!


Mandisa, who's full name is Mandisa Hundley, also announced her new faith in God as her instrument to find encouragement to lose the flabs. Aside from her apparent victory in the battle fo the bulge, Mandisa is also ecstatic that she has new album called "Freedom" due to be released in March 24. It's all quirky Christian pop tunes with titles like "My Deliverer," "Dance Dance Dance" and "Freedom Song". The album also contains power ballads like "Not Guilty." Good luck Mandisa and we hope you continue to emerge victorious from all the challenges you are facing!

Photo from CNN.

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