Monday, March 9, 2009

OXANA MALAYA - Feral Child Oxana Baffles Experts (VIDEO)

Oxana Malaya was a Ukrainian who was found in 1991 when she was 8 years old behaving oddly like a dog rather than a human being. Not only does she barks and behave like a dog, but Oxana Malaya thinks like a dog because she was abandoned by her parents that she lived in a kennel where she lived with these animals for some time.

Oxana Malaya, Feral Children

What made Oxana Malaya become like this? Is Oxana's case similar to other feral children in the world? These questions about Oxana Malaya will be answered by this documentary:

Ukranian Girl Raised By Dogs - Funny videos are here

The last news about Oxana was in 2006. Oxana is now 23 and she is still on the process of her rehabilitation to fit in to normal society. Yet, experts say that Oxana is still happiest when she is with dogs.

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