Monday, March 9, 2009

USNS IMPECCABLE -- It's Not IMPECCABLE to be Harrassed By Chinese Ships

USNS Impeccable is a United States surveillance ship that is making rounds in the South China Sea to foresee potential threats that North Korea is undertaking. However, it came as surprise that the Chinese government appeared to be hostile with USNS Impeccable because the Pentagon already announced that Chinese-led ships have already exhibited "increasingly aggressive conduct" in the past week.

USNS IMPECCABLE, China US Impeccable

Does this mean that United States will have problems with China in the future? The crew of USNS Impeccable denounced the strange actuations of five Chinese vessels that came too close for comfort into the US Naval ship. Because one Chinese ship won't get away from USNS Impeccable, the US ship have made an emergency stop in the middle of the sea to thwart collision. The Chinese even "dropped pieces of wood in the water directly in front of Impeccable's path."

To read this news more in detail, please visit the CNN website.

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