Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol Results April 8 2009 - Who Will Be Voted Off/Sent Home?

After singing songs from the year they born, the American Idol Top 8 finalists will face a crucial question: who will be eliminated/kicked off/booted out/going home tomorrow night (4/08/09)? American Idol Top 8 predictions are now running around and we might as well join the bandwagon! Based on judges comments, it seems that the weakest performances of the night belong to Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre. However, in the Dial Idol Polls, as of 3 AM ET, Kris Allen, Anoop Desai and Scott MacIntyre are in the Bottom 3! Wow, I am wondering who would be packing his or her bags.. It's just too close to tell! Click here to see American Idol 04/08/09 Results Show videos!

UPDATE! Here's the link to know who got voted out of American Idol Top 7! 
American Idol 4-8-09 Who Will Be Kicked Out?
Fortunately, although Adam Lambert's turn to sing "Mad World" was cut off by FOX last night in the East Coast and other areas, Adam still managed to get much votes to propel him on top of the American Idol pack. If you ask me, I think Kris Allen or Lil Rounds just deserves to be voted off at this point. Although I think they aren't bad enough, well somebody needs to go home tomorrow right? Lil Rounds, especially, seems to be suffering a string of lackluster performances of late. Let's just see tomorrow if our predictions turn out right. You can post your comments below so that your voice can be heard, ayt?

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