Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol Results April 15 2009 - Who Was Voted Off?

American Idol 4/15/09 Results show is GOING ON right NOW! Who do you think will be voted off/eliminated tonight in American Idol after the Songs from the Cinema performances? Guesses have been zero-ing in to two names -- Matt Giraud and Kris Allen! Or, will it be Lil Rounds who will be sent home after talking back to Simon?
American Idol April 14 3009 Results Who Was Voted Off

Ford Music Video was shown -- it was a tribute to the movies theme too! The American Idol Top 7 Finalists performed as a group "She's a Maniac" from the 1980's film Flashdance!
A video clip of the American Idol Top 7 going to Zac Efron film “17 Again” – Zac is also in the studio to watch the eliminations tonight!

Allison Iraheta first was called first – Allison is SAFE! (Sigh!)
Adam Lambert is up next.. Of course, he’s not on the BOTTOM 3! Adam is SAFE too!
Anoop Desai is called up.. uh-oh! Anoop is in the BOTTOM 3!
Jennifer Hudson performs in “If This Isn’t Love”. Watch Jennifer Hudson American Idol Performance Here.
Anoop is interviewed. Simon Cowell thinks Anoop deserves to be in the Bottom 3!
Lil Round and Kris Allen is called up…
Kris Allen is SAFE again!
Lil Rounds is in the BOTTOM 3!
Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey is called up…
Danny Gokey is SAFE!
Matt Giraud is in the BOTTOM 3!

So that’s Anoop, Lil and Matt Giraud on the Bottom 3!

Paula thought that the Bottom 3 were the right people there as they had "flaws" in their performances last night.

Anoop is called out and he’s SAFE after all!
Miley Cyrus pre-taped performance is aired..  Watch Miley Performance in American Idol 4/15/09 here.
OMG.. Simon hints that the judges MIGHT just use their save privilege on Lil Rounds! God forbid!
Lil Rounds is SAFE!
Matt Giraud got the least votes… He gets to sing “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” again!

Simon thinks Matt has NO CHANCE of winning American Idol. OMG, the judges are saving MATT GIRAUD???
Next week is Disco Week!

The photo above is from MJ's Big Blog in the Zac Efron movie premiere of 17 Again.

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