Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Andrew Wolff Caught Trouble in Boracay Again

Actor-model Andrew Wolff is now in custody of the Boracay Police Station because he is allegedly involved in a scandalous incident again, as reported by the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP). According to PEP, this Andrew Wolff issue in Boracay came from GMA 7 Startalk reporter Gorgy Rula. Gorgy reported that a security guard from D'Mall named Rodolfo Norby complained that Andrew Wolff  took away his service firearm without permission. Wolff then ran off to hide in the Hey Jude Bar office area. When the cops came, Andrew Wolff did not return the service firearm he allegedly took, so he's now facing charges.
Andrew Wolff Boracay Scandal
The PEP report is still yet not very clear because another report suggested that Andrew Wolff had a heated discussion with an unknown woman when he was apprehended by the Boracay authorities. This is not the first time for Andrew to be involved in a Boracay trouble because, in the past, Wolff and Gwen Garci had some scuffles of their own in the island when they were still together. If you want to read more about this, here is the PEP link.

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  1. everytime there's a news for him,its always a bad thing.such a troublemaker hehe or is it just to make people talk about him?


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