Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eminem "We Made You" Leaked - Eminem Makes a Comeback!

Beleaguered rapper Eminem is now back to invade the hiphop scene again armed with 2 brand new rap albums to be released on May 19. However, Eminem's latest single "We Made You" from his Relapse album has been leaked over Youtube! Will Eminem still make it big after a five year hiatus?

Here's the Eminem "We Made You" Leak found in Youtube:

I still couldn't find the Eminem "We Made You" lyrics though. If you have it, we'll have it publish here for everyone. Thanks! Here's also an article by The Independent which tells us problems Eminem will face during his planned comeback


  1. oh its been five years already since his lat album na pala?i didnt noticed its been a while haha

  2. Eminem sometimes takes himself too seriously, sometimes not (like in this vid)


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