Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heroes Season 3 Episode 22 "Turn and Face The Stranger" | Watch Heroes 3X22 Online

Heroes Season 3 Episode 22 is due Monday April 6 (4/6/2009) in NBC. I admit I've been hooked with the current Heroes series and I'm really looking forward as to what lies beneath Heroes 3X22 "Turn and Face The Stranger"! Last week, Heroes 3X21 seemed to end in a joyous note, although Danko and Sylar have already joined forces to work in cahoots with each other. Finally, Angela Petrelli got some sleep and had dreams about what's going to happen. So, in Heroes S03E22, we'll get to see what Angela's plans are and how they (Peter and Angela) will be able to find Claire and Nathan who are marooned in Mexico!
Watch Heroes Season 3 Episode 22 Online

Heroes 3x22 watch online

Heroes S03E22 Watch Free

Oh yes, Sylar got a new "cathartic, poetic and tactically fortunate" power from a shape-shifter! We'll see how that works for him when we watch Heroes Season 3 Episode 22! Don't you just wish Peter's power can get back to normal so that he'll be able to fight Sylar fair and square? Right now, Peter can only hold one power at a time! Anyhoo, here's a full and free glimpse of what's going to happen in Heroes 322 "Turn and Face The Stranger":

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