Saturday, April 4, 2009

North Korea Rocket Launch Video - North Korea Launches Long-Range Rocket Despite Resistance

Amidst intense appeals against the rocket launch, North Korea did not budge and their Musudan-ri launch site bursted off a long range rocket at 0230 GMT. In fact, this North Korean Rocket flew over Japan's skies into the Pacific, a CNN News report informed.
north-korea-rocket-launch-pad site
North Korean officials pooh-poohed the alarm over their rocket launch because they say they are just sending a man-made satellite into space to orbit as part of their "peaceful space development". Yet, government officials from Japan, South Korea and Australia had voiced out their complaints about this North Korean rocket lauch because they suspect this was a long-range missile test -- they are looking into the possibilities how their long-range missile technology can be used for their Taepodong-2 weapons. All countries including Japan, South Korea and the US condemned this unwarranted rocket launch and tagged it as a "provocative act". Will this spark the much avoided World War 3? I hope not, Kim Jong-Il should get his acts together so that the world would not be suspicious about the nuclear warheads they might hide in their silos. Here's the CNN report about the North Korea Rocket/Missile Launch:

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