Thursday, April 9, 2009

India de Beaufort Mania - What's Hot About India de Beaufort?

Everyone's buzzing about India de Beaufort today. What's with India and her Flaming Sword of Fire? Well, India de Beaufort is a British actress who plays Aneka in Comedy Central's Krod Mandoon which debuted April 9. Playing opposite Sean Maguire in the title role, India de Beaufort's character there is a prototype of Xena the Warrior Princess with too much progesterone! Yes, India de Beaufort plays a sexy and salacious vixen in Krod Mandoon.
India de Beaufort Sexy Pics
Anyway, India de Beaufort said that she "had a lot of fun playing the role" because she found the character "feisty and sassy". Although sometimes the role is "degrading", India feels that it is all for the laughs. Here's some India Beaufort sexy pictures for your enjoyment: 
India de Beaufort Bikini India de Beaufort Hot Pics India de Beaufort Sexy Photos
Here's a trailer of Comedy Central's Krod Mandoon :

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