Friday, April 10, 2009

Liza Marquez Demands Money from David Caruso

Who's Liza Marquez? David Caruso might just need those sunglasses to see her in court. Caruso's ex-girlfriend named Liza Marquez simply had no choice but to seek legal help against her moneybags boyfriend who jilted here after promising her -- not the heavens or the stars -- but $1.2 million and a house the CSI: Miami star allegedly promised her.
Lisa Marquez - David Caruso
While Liza Marquez is at it, she can't help but wash David Caruso's dirty linen in public by saying that he is "a possessive, jealous boyfriend who was a reluctant father". Marquez also described how the 53 year old actor Caruso "was verbally abusive" to her. After jilting her on their second child in 2007, Liza Marquez felt that Caruso "envisioned himself on a yacht in the French Riviera, not as a father". Here's the complete take on the Liza Marquez issue from the MSN Website.

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