Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mercury Dime - Are these Mercury Dimes Worth Something?

What is a Mercury dime? Is it a coin made out of the mercury metal? Of course not! Mercury dimes are called as such because the people saw the winged Liberty as the Greek Messenger God Mercury. So the Mercury dime is actually a misnomer because the image depicted there is Lady Liberty wearing a winged cap.
Mercury Dime - How Much Does a Mercury Dime Cost Now?
What if you have the 1916-D Mercury dime? Well, lucky you! This 1916-D Mercury dime can cost $375,000 each, if it is in mint condition. Only 264,000 1916-D Mercury dimes have been produced and now these are extremely rare. If you have many of these, then you can exchange your Mercury dimes to coin collectors (numismatists) so that you can get a good price for it! Below is a video that talks about the Winged Liberty Mercury dime

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