Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sea Worm Sasquatch - Giant Sea Worm Makes a Debut in British Aquarium

A sea worm that's 4 foot long can be enough to make anyone cringe! In Cornwall,Great Britain, Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium  has acquired a new creepy occupant -- a massive sea worm  they nicknamed as "Barry". This sea worm had allegedly injured some other fish species that it was moved to a separate aquarium. The Aquarium staff caught this sea worm after it devoured bait traps and mangled a 20-pound fishing line before the experts were able to capture it.
Sea Worm - polychaete worm in UK
According to Daily Mail (UK), aquarium curators have also witnessed how this sea worm ravaged the coral reefs and injured other fish with its sting. In humans, the sting of this massive sea worm can give anyone a "permanent numbness". Wow, this polychaete worm can indeed give us anyone a scare more than a horror movie!
Jumbo Sea Worm Barry

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