Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wyatt McLaughlin - 13 Year Old Boy Drove 1,300 Miles from Virginia to Texas!

Wyatt E. McLaughlin is the 13 year old boy from Jetersville, Virginia who startled his parents as he was missing. It turned out Wyatt drove away with the family pickup and trailer with him, he was found safe 1,300 miles away in Weatherford, Texas twio days later. It is still uncertain why Wyatt E. McLaughlin ran away from home last April 1, but the investigators found that McLaughlin came out prepared for his "trip" as there were clothes, food and even his dog in the pickup, while he also took their 2 horses in the trailer!
Wyatt E MacLaughlin - Boy Driving 1300 Miles Virginia to Texas
Apparently, McLaughlin was found in the rodeo grounds in Weatherford Texas as he was monitored in a surveillance video in a gas station in Mount Pleasant, Texas. You can find more details about the Wyatt E. McLaughlin story in the Star Telegram website.

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