Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brandon Michael Vayda Video | Street Brawl Involving 90210 Actor Brandon Michael Vayda

Brandon Michael Vayda is involved in fisticuffs down in a street near a Los Angeles nightclub April 5 2009. TMZ reported that this street brawl was started when a group of guys started shouting at Brandon Michael Vayda's "entourage". Then a flurry of events took place, then out of nowhere Vayda was spotted storming and pulling a guy out of a taxi cab. The 90210 actor punched the guy black and blue in a road side of Myhouse nightclub.
Brandon Michael Vayda Street Brawl
Fortunately, Brandon Michael Vayda and his cohorts were not charged for the incident but everything was caught on tape which you can view in the TMZ website. Brandon Michael Vayda plays Mike in the hit series 90210 in CW network.

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