Thursday, June 18, 2009

James Archuleta Busted - David Archuleta's Father in Trouble (VIDEO)

We would certainly not see American Idol David Archuleta's smile this time when he hears the scandal about his father. It appears that James Jeffrey Archuleta was busted in a massage parlor for you-know-what. The attorney of the 47 year old Archuleta explained that James Archuleta was just caught in "a wrong place at a wrong time" - he was fined $582 in Midvale, Utah. It happened that the authorities just raided a massage parlor for its lack of business permit, but they found James Archuleta in an "inappropriate" position with his masseuse.
James Archuleta Busted in Midvale
James Archuleta filed "no contest" on his charges. David Archuleta's father gained fame after he constantly egged on David (appearing short of becoming a "stage father") during the American Idol Season 7, where David Cook won. Below is the video about the James Archuleta being busted in Midvale:

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