Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Robin Hibbard Pregnant and Brooke Labarbera from Real World

Robin Hibbard gained fame as one of the contestants in the MTV reality show The Real World: San Diego. The 29 year old Tampa resident and former Coyote Ugly Saloon dancer was confirmed to be pregnant last month. And a news item reveal that pregnant Robin Hibbard is due to give birth on June 2009! I guess Robin is due anytime this month and that's why the Robin Hibbard pregnant keyword is pumping up the search engines today.
Robin Hibbard Pregnant - Is Robin Giving Birth Today
Another related term rising up is "Brooke from Real World". This term pertains to another MTV Real World contestant Brooke Labarbera. Who's really pregnant? Is Brooke from Real World pregnant or is Robin Hibbard pregnant giving birth today? I'll figure that out later so keep posted!
Brooke from Real World - Brooke Labarbera
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