Monday, June 8, 2009

Kris Allen Sings National Anthem NBA Finals Game 2 (Video)

American Idol 8 Winner Kris Allen emerged unscathed in singing the Star-Spangled Banner" in the NBA Finals Game 2. Wearing an all-black ensemble, Kris appeared calm and collected as he stayed unfazed despite the towering Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Lakers basketeers behind him. As he hit the right high notes of the song, Kris Allen's acapella was met with an appreciative applause from the audience.
Kris Allen NBA Finals Video
Looking at Kris, he is starting to look like a real star as he exuded radiance that was unnoticed while he was still a contestant. I'm sure girls out there might forget that Kris is already married! Anyway, the NBA Finals Game 2 eventually was copped again by the Los Angeles Lakers 101-96. It's 2-0 now in favor of the LA Lakers. Orlando Magic must make it good on Tuesday (June 9) in the NBA Finals Game 3 to diminish the LA Lakers advantage. Watch Kris Allen's Performance Video below:

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