Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morgan Freeman Granddaughter - Is Morgan Having an Affair with His Granddaughter?

I can't seem to find the reason why Morgan Freeman granddaughter is rising up in the search engines. Maybe people just wanna know who she is. Well, Morgan Freeman has two granddaughters (at least search engines say so) - E'dena Hines and Alexis. E'dena was photographed with Morgan Freeman when they attended the world premiere of the Dark Knight in July last year. Newspapers even misspelled her name to "Edina". On the other hand, another Morgan Freeman granddaughter is named Alexis, who he brought to the Batman Begins premiere in 2005.
Morgan Freeman granddaughter Edena Hines
Morgan Freeman granddaughter Alexis
I guess I'll figure out later why Morgan Freeman granddaughter keyword is spicing up the search engines. I will post updates, if anything, later.

Update: Whoa! I found that probable cause of the search spike - IamJayWill twittered that Morgan Freeman is a "nasty boy" because he "had an affair with his... granddaughter".

The granddaughter Morgan allegedly had affair with is E'dena, who's now 27. It was revealed that they had a secret relationship since she was a teen. E'dena is reportedly a "step granddaughter", so she's not a blood relative really.

This report is still unverified - maybe just a nasty rumor has come out. Hope that it's not true - too gross!

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