Friday, June 5, 2009

Neal Wanless - South Dakota Rancher Hits $232.1M Jackpot

Luck struck a 23 year old rancher from South Dakota as he became $232.1 million richer! His name is Neal Wanless and he hit the Powerball lotto's ninth largest jackpot prize in in the history of the multistate game. In an interview with the USA Today, Neal told reporters that: "Winning the Powerball is something I've always dreamt about but didn't think would happen... I want to thank the Lord for this opportunity and blessing me with this fortune". He also promised that he will "not squander" the blessing he just received.
Neal Wanless Wins 232.2 Million Powerball Jackpot
The lucky numbers that made Neal Wanless a multi-millionaire were: 5-16-6-21-12 and the 7 Powerball. It was revealed that that these were birthdate combinations of his family members. Wanless bought his winning ticket 35 miles from his home in an Ampride Store, where he was on his way to buy livestock feed. Despite his fortune, Neal Wanless vowed that he "intends to continue ranching" and even wants to extend his land. Wanless' family has been raising cattle, sheep and horses in their ranch in eastern Todd County, which was dubbed by the US Census as the 7th poorest county in 2007. It wasn't revealed if Neal is still single, but I bet a lot of girls will be very interested in him after his multi-million winnings! To read more of Neal Wanless Powerball Jackpot story, please visit USA Today.

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