Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo Spent the Night Together?!

Just after Paris Hilton announced her breakup with erstwhile boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, she's again out to play! And Paris fancies soccer reportedly. No, she's not into athletics but she's into a soccer player - Manchester United stud Cristiano Ronaldo to be exact! Eyewitness reports declare that the couple was "all over each other" the whole night in a Los Angeles club MyHouse. In fact, Cristiano spent almost $20,000 in drinks to accommodate their partying and stuff.
Paris Hilton Cristiano Ronaldo Dating
In an exclusive report of X17online, both Paris and Cristiano were in different bars in LA. Paris was with her sister Nicky and Cristiano was dining in a Brazilian resto called Fogo De Chao. At first, Paris was indisposed but when she arrived in MyHouse - her mood enlivened seeing the dashing Cristiano - able and willing to party with her. X17online reported that the night ended Cristiano spending the night at Nicky's apartment and they claim that they even have a video of Cristiano leaving Nicky's pad the morning after that all-night parteeyyyy! So there, get the raw and unadulterated story from X17online!

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