Friday, June 12, 2009

Kendhal Beal - The Root of Paris Hilton-Doug Reinhardt Breakup?

Can you imagine two blondes getting into a food fight over partying with the other one's boyfriend? Well, Kendahl Beal and Paris Hilton did that in an LA pub called Darkroom Club. So that's the reason why the Paris Hilton-Doug Reinhardt relationship going kaput! Kendhal Beal, a 23 year old former Texas beauty queen and aspiring actress, was allegedly picked on by Paris by throwing at her ice and pieces of fruit (We hope not the whole pineapple!). According to Kendhal's agent, Paris was at fault as she called the younger Deal or No Deal brief case girl nasty names!
Kendhal Beal Paris Hilron Food Fight
It was reported that Kendhal was actually hanging out with her boyfriend Brody Jenner, who was incidentally a friend of Doug Reinhardt. When Paris was informed that Kendhal was partying and watching the NBA finals with Doug, Paris got this notion that the younger, fresher gal was after her beau! So Paris went nuts and threw "tirades" at Kendhal! Don't worry, Paris! You've got your Cristiano Ronaldo now, so don't act as if you're being had! For those who are not familiar about Kendhal, below are Kendhal’s pictures from Model Mayhem website:
Kendhal Beal Pics Kendhal Beal Pictures Kendhal Beal Sexy Photos

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  1. Beauty queen Kendhal Beal was assaulted on Tuesday June 9th by trust fund billionaire Paris Hilton. Hilton allegedly threw ice and bar food at the victim who is said by witnesses to have been a non-aggressor in the situation. Hilton became upset after hearing her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt was at the bar with Kendhal Beal and a group of friends, having drinks and watching the Lakers on television.
    Hilton stormed into the bar and initiated a confrontation with Reinhardt then stormed out...
    Exclusive video surveillance cameras-here:Kendhal Beal-video


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