Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madonna and Her Creepy Arms - Fitness Sessions Gone Wrong?

Now, Michael Jackson's dead, the Queen of Pop Madonna ends up looking like a cadaver! With her arms bulging with veins, Madonna could literally scare any kid with those creepy arms! According Daily Mail UK, Madonna is undergoing extreme fitness sessions "with personal trainer Tracy Anderson, which involve gruelling two-hour workouts six days a week while drinking coconut water to keep energy levels high". This meant her workout sessions melted off fat in Madonna's body that the veins in her arms become too prominent to hide.
Madonna and her creepy arms
It's okay to be fit but having your arms look like that seems a scary payoff! Madonna met Tracy Anderson through her friend Gwyneth Paltrow who's also undergoing the same workout program after giving birth in 2006. Anyway, her personal trainer issued a disclaimer that Madonna's arms "has nothing to do" with her. Aderson claimed that Madonna's yoga sessions made Madonna's arms "too veiny and she even recommended to the Queen of Pop to put a stop to it.


  1. God, I saw this the other day. She looks so gross. That is overkill.

  2. Every time I see that picture of Madonna I want to throw up. Sick.


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