Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paula Abdul's Fate After American Idol: Dimmer or Brighter?

Nobody is indispensible, especially on reality TV. Although American Idol executives felt that resident judge Paula Abdul is not worth almost 1/4 of the salary offered to the other judge Simon Cowell, opportunities are continuing to knock on Paula's door after announcing that she decided to leave America's most watched TV show. Is leaving the judge's chair in AI a fatal blow at her dreary career or will it spring greater opportunities for her?
Paula Abdul to Join Ugly Betty Season 4
Lately, Paula Abdul was offered to be a contestant or guest judge in Dancing with the Stars and another one from So You Think You Can Dance. Another offer sprung up allegedly from Ugly Betty, wherein Paula is offered a role in the new season at Mode. Well, if I am asked, the Ugly Betty role would be meatier since Ugly Betty is starting to lose pizzazz. Ugly Betty Season 4 will kick off on October this year! Props to you, Paula! We hope you can get a better job after Idol.

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