Monday, August 24, 2009

What’s That Kimmy Dora?

Kimmy Dora, Kambal sa Kiyeme is set to be shown on September 2. It stars the wacky Eugene Domingo as the twins who will seem to battle it out life and limb for Dingdong Dantes' heart and the wealth of their father. Sounds like fun from the funny trailer alone. Below is their poster which you can click to make it gigantic.
While I was browsing at their official website, I was surprised to see a supposedly innocuous looking picture of Dora on the left side of the Ang Kodakan link. But looking closely at the gloves, it surely is shaped something... uh you know what I mean.
Despite that obvious fail in hand gloves, I guess it's worth to see Eugene in her funniest roles to date.

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