Thursday, September 10, 2009

Annie Le – Yale Student and Bride-to-be Goes Missing

The family and friends of Annie Le, 24, a graduate student in Yale University, are worried because she mysteriously disappeared in New Haven, Connecticut on September 8. Le, a petite 4'11 lass, is due to be married on Sunday, September 13, and her fiancé has not heard a word from her. A surveillance photo gathered Annie on her way to a pharmacology located in Amistad Street and she was not seen since then.
Annie Le Yale Student Missing
A co-worker informed that Annie even left her pocketbook and cell phone in the lab. No one was able to trace where she went or how she managed to leave the lab. Her family, friends and co-workers are now "pretty scared" of what happened to the young lady. Below is a news report about Annie Le the Yale bride-to-be who's now missing:

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  1. This is not the only student to go missing under similar circumstances. Remember Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael Negrete, Josh Guimond, or Justin Gains? They are all still missing.

    Ron Tammen is the oldest case available. He walked away from Miami of Ohio in 1953. He was sighted three hours after he left school so confused he didn't know his name.

    Ahmad Arain, UCLA, recovered enough to remember his email address after six weeks. He had walked to Mexico in an altered mental state.

    The few students that recover or are found in altered mental states suggest that Subliminal Distraction is causing these disappearances.

    VisionAndPsychosis.Net keeps a page of these disappearances.


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