Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Avion Secuestrado en Mexico - Aeromexico Hijacked in Midair Lands Safely

Aeromexico Flight 576 passengers had a taste of fear in midair as five men from Bolivia held them hostage as they demanded to speak with Mexican president Felipe Calderon. The AeroMexico Boeing 737 jetliner was from the resort city of Cancun bound for Mexico City. Luckily, the hijackers were not able to access the cockpit area and they were all apprehended after the plane landed at 2:40 EST. Nobody was hurt but  nervous passengers who were onboard were mostly American tourists on vacation from Cancun.
Avion Secuestrado en Mexico
Some of the passengers were not aware about their situation because the commotion occurred in the rear end area of the plane. It was only after landing that the pilot announced the incident over the intercom. Within minutes, Mexican newspapers distributed the headlines that read "Avion Secuestrado en Mexico". The hijackers explained that they wanted to talk to President Calderon because they have a premonition of an impending earthquake. Apparently, the hijackers were religious fanatics who want to be granted stage for their concerns. Read the full details of this story in USA Today.

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