Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raymond Clark - Yale Lab Technician Held for Annie Le Case

Authorities have already held the primary "person of interest" in the Annie Le case - the Yale student bride-to be who went missing in New Haven early this week and whose body was found in a secured lab area where Raymond Clark, a Yale Animal Research technician had access to. Raymond Clark, who's also 24 years old like Annie Le, was said to have failed the lie detector test and he was allegedly seen in the security cameras in the Yale compound where Annie was found.
Raymond Clark and Annie Le
Annie Le, a pharmacology graduate student, was supposed to be married to Jonathan Widawsky of Columbia University this Sunday but went missing and the sad news was was received yesterday. The New Haven authorities have yet to prove if Raymond Clark has something to do with this. To read the full new report on the Annie Le case, please visit Newsday.

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