Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ceara Sturgis - High School Female Senior Photo Rejected Because She Wore Tuxedo

How bad is it for a girl to wear a tuxedo in her high school yearbook photo in Jackson, Mississippi? Well, for 17 year old Ceara Sturgis, she would not be appearing in Wesson Attendance Center yearbook upon her graduation because her school saw that Sturgis "broke the rules". The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Mississippi is now issuing a legal action about the matter in the Copiah County School District.
Ceara Sturgis Female High School Senior Wearing Tuxedo
ACLU Legal Director Kristy L. Bennett unveiled that the group will wait for the school district's response on the matter until October 23. Bennett said that "it's really important to her that her photo be included in the yearbook" because "twenty years from now, who will care what Ceara was wearing in her photo?" Being a lesbian is not an issue anymore in her school but when she donned a tuxedo, the school informed her about a violation. According to the school, boys must wear tuxedos for senior pictures, while girls must wear drapes. That's really bad, isn't it? The school is just being so discriminatory for such a small preference in clothing. It's the 21st century, people! Leave discrimination behind in history. Read the full story about the Ceara Sturgis Tuxedo in Yearbook Photo issue in WAPT.

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