Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hugh Laurie Peeved with House Storyline Leaks

Playing as the the grumpy doctor with a limp on TV is no joke, but Hugh Laurie is even more annoyed as the storyline for his popular TV show House is being leaked by an unknown insider. In an interview, Laurie bared his disappointment: "It's a bit upsetting that someone in our midst who we think of as a friend and ally is selling us out."
Hugh Laurie unhappy about House Leaks
Just recently, everyone was caught aware that Jennifer Morrison, who has been in the show since it premiered in 2004, because of the leak that spread like wildfire. Hugh lamented that "Jennifer made the point that this show represents about a fifth of her life. For me it's more like 1/200th - but it's still emotional." Don't worry, Hugh! You're still a popular "heartthrob" according to your co-star Jesse Spencer. Spencer, who is Dr. Robert Chase in the show, explained that Hugh is popular because "advantage of places like the States that did not have a preconception of who he was. They can place him in a role like that without being worried about what an audience would think because most people weren't aware of who he was."

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