Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jesus Luz Hurt by Madonna's Stand on Remarrying

Pop queen Madonna stated in her David Letterman interview that she would rather be "hit by a train" than to marry again. This controversial statement was what must have sparked an alleged "fight" between Madonna and her current Brazilian beau Jesus Luz. Rumor has it that Jesus was extremely hurt as she expected there's something more to his relationship with the pop queen.
Jesus Luz Hurt by Madonna Saying She Wont Remarry
Jesus now thinks that Madonna made a "fool" out of him because he was already telling his family and friends that what they have is a "serious relationship:. It also seems that Jesus already broke the news to his close friends that he plans to marry Madonna in the near future. Well, someone has to get both of them in the same page. We still don't know where this row between them is heading but I guess Jesus Luz should start reconsidering he'll not end up richer like Guy Ritchie in the end. Madonna's been fooled once and right now she might be using her head this time. Check out Madonna’s David Letterman interview video below:
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