Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kristen Stewart Gets "An American Girl" Role in James Woods Flick

Kristen Stewart is certainly getting good breaks lately, aside from her blooming lovelife  with Robert Pattinson – her career is on the take off as well. After New Moon role as Bella Swan and The Runaways role as Joan Jett, Kristen is confirmed to play an important role as a down-and-out girl who later becomes a Marine in a new flick to be helmed by James Woods. Woods say that this role might just get Kristen a shoo-in nomination in the Oscars for best actress next year.
Kristen Stewart American Girl movie
An American Girl is a tale of a woman's struggle after being hooked on alcohol and substance -- takes her life in downwards spiral after she gets taped sleeping with a man she met in a quarry. In the end, Kristen's character will learn to sober up after she joins the Marine corps. The director allegedly didn't want anybody but Kristen to play this phenomenal role. Let's just wish the film will put Kristen as the next leading Hollywood actress to watch out for.

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