Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prince William Vowed to Help England Win 2018 World Cup Bid

As an avid sports fan, Prince William will be campaigning for England to win its 2018 World Cup bid. This announcement of the prince came in when FIFA vice-president Jack Warner announced that England is somewhat not doing their best to make a convincing application to be the 2018 host of the World Cup. Prince William, who took over the leadership of UK's Football Association (FA) from Prince Andrew in 2006, is said to be very keen on claiming the bid and he pledged that he will do his part on whatever the FA will deem appropriate as the spokesperson for the said campaign.
Prince William on 2018 World Cup Bid
The winning World Cup host in 2018 will be announced on December 2010 and Prince William gave his assurance that his utmost support will always be at the forefront for this campaign to be successful. On the other hand, New Zealand is also one of the places Prince William will visit early next year as he will be representing Queen Elizabeth in an official visit. Queen Elizabeth is now 88 years old and she deemed that younger royals should be the ones doing long distance travels for official duties.

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