Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Schwarzenegger Toughens Up on Paparazzi

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a new Anti-Paparazzi law that would excessively fine them for invading a celebrity's right to privacy. This will not only apply for paparazzi alone but for all the media outlets who will purchase the "unlawful and unauthorized" photos.
Schwarzenegger Anti-Paparazzi Law
It can be recalled that celebrities have had falling out with paparazzis before like Jennifer Aniston whose photos of her in underwear were taken using a high-powered telephoto lens to shoot her in her own backyard. Aniston received $550,000 and apology for this invasion of privacy. Britney Spears also infamously umbrella-smashed an SUV of a photographer who annoyed her. However, celebrity columnist Ben Widdicombe chimed in that those paparazzi photos we see in magazines are often orchestrated by celebrities themselves. For instance, Britney Spears herself will have an assistant announce when they will be leaving the gates. The new law will fine paparazzi $50,000 when take and sell unauthorized photos of celebrities in "personal or familial activity." Quite harsh for that, Governor Schwarzenegger! Maybe next time, you pair that law by applying a ceiling price for celebrities that force media companies to cough up millions for their exclusive photos. Here's the CNN report on this new California Anti-Paparazzi law.

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