Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Angelina Jolie: 4th Adoption is a Child from Syria

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie already has six children in tow. Three of their kids had been adopted from different parts of the world, while the other three are Brad and Angie's biological children. Now, Angie is again on her adopting spree as she is reported to be set on achieving her 4th adoption bid for a child from Syria. Unfortunately, 45 year old Inglorious Basterds actor is not very keen on this idea. Even without Brad's full support, Angelina is said to be taking the proceedings of her own.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 4th Adoption
A close friend of the couple revealed that Brad "made it clear that six children are more than he can handle". Adopting more "seemed ludicrous", yet Angelina Jolie is "determined to complete her rainbow family". A confirmation from the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Washington D.C. revealed that "only Angelina's name was on the adoption papers." Angelina Jolie became famous after she made her first adoption in 2001 of Maddox, her eldest child, who is from Cambodia. The Academy Award winning actress did this while still married to Billy Bob Thornton, although legally she was his only parent. After her separation from Thornton, Angie adopted Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005. This was the time she and Brad were already living together. Brad agreed to become the legal father of both children. In May 2006, the couple then had their first biological child, Shiloh. Come March 2007, they adopted Pax - now five - who is from Vietnam. I bet many of you there wants to get adopted by the superstar couple. It's just sad that Brad Pitt might be in the edge because of Angie's adoption spree!

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