Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rihanna Loves Feasting on Fatty Food

Rihanna is simply not hard to feed! For her Rated R album launch in London on Monday (November 16), the Russian Roulette singer requested calorie-rich food that totaled to over 7,000 calories! All she wanted were pizza, fries, doughnuts, crisps, microwave lasagnas, fried noodles, chicken drumsticks and an apple. The concert organizers were thankful that Rihanna did not request hard-to-obtain food. One source admonished that: "When it comes to the big US stars, we're used to getting ridiculously healthy requests. Rihanna was a breath of fresh air. There was none of this carb and gluten-free nonsense!"
Rihanna Loves Fatty Food
So how does this 21 year old diva from Barbados keep herself slim and trim despite her taste for fatty food? Rihanna just explained that she does not watch her weight because performing keeps her from accumulating those unwanted pounds. It is also during these "concert tours" that keeps Rihanna in shape. She said: "Being on tour gets you in shape which is good considering how I eat pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. You perform for an hour and a half so you can work some of it off at least. But not all of it!" Last Monday (November 11), she spent more than $50,000 on flying her family to New York for them to attend her acceptance of the Woman of the Year award from Glamour magazine. We're sure a feast of fatty food followed as they celebrated her win of that prestigious award!

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