Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert in Billboard Cover

American Idol 8 top dogs Kris Allen and Adam Lambert makes on the latest Billboard magazine cover. The clincher is that, although the 24 year old American Idol winner seems to be highlighted on the cover, more articles are dedicated to his runner up Adam Lambert. In fact, Adam has a special feature there about the squeeze put upon him to be a role model for gay youth. Or his latest gigs he garnered like his song being featured on the movie 2012, working with Lady Gaga and his planned tour.
Kris Allen Adam Lambert Billboard Cover
In his own interview with Billboard, Kris explains that he will find it "fun to write" songs with fellow singer Adele. Although he's still new in the music business, Kris Allen is bent in making it good in this industry. Anyway, I think it's really fine for Kris that Adam is more showcased in this issue. Here are the videos of their interview:

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