Thursday, November 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson Shirtless New Moon Scene Felt Like 'Striptease'

Robert Pattinson can't hide his being overwhelmed that he had to take his shirt off for Twilight Saga: New Moon. According to Rob, the scene is like him doing 'striptease' in the New Moon set. He was quoted saying at the Parade website he "felt pretty goofy stepping out into the sunlight in front of 2,000 people in a town square" while ripping his shirt off: "I was essentially doing a striptease".
Robert Pattinson Shirtless New Moon Scene
Although he's quite vocal about his indifference, he was surprised about the reaction of people seeing him shooting the scene. He said that the irony of it was that it's one of the moments where he really "felt closest to people's attachment to Edward (Cullen". The 23 year old British actor revealed that: "There were so many extras in that scene who were 'Twilight' fans who had flown in just to be a part of it. It was quite uplifting and it was also very nerve-wracking." Essentially, he is quite embarrassed showing his body compared to the buffed Taylor Lautner. He joked that he was "resentful" of Taylor being muscular and all. Robert Pattinson reacted that: "I didn't see Taylor until just a little bit before we started shooting. I had the same reaction as everybody else. Its like, 'Jeez, now I have to go to the gym.'" In fact, Rob has to have his body in for a “make-up” in order for it look ‘defined’ on-screen. Oh well, forget the gym – girls love your body for the way it is, anyway!

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