Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prince William Going Bald (PHOTOS)

Prince William used to be the hottest bachelor around. That was about five years ago, but now it seems age is not gracefully coinciding with his looks. Last Saturday (November 21), he was snapped by paparazzi as Prince William leaves Raffles Nightclub in London after spending some gracious time with his friends. Look closely at the photos below to see whether you'll still find Prince William hot like the old days.
Prince William Bald Photos
Prince William Going Bald
Is this too much testosterone or Prince William is now getting what his genes are really made out for? We hope his girlfriend Kate Middleton would not mind his going bald. Looks like having no hair will be his luck over time. Or he can take hair implants to make him look gorgeous for everyone. Whatever! Prince William is just 27 years old and having this kind of hair makes him look like his 20 years older. Get implants, please?

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