Monday, November 16, 2009

Robert Pattinson Surprised at the Extent of What Twi-Hard Fans Would Do

Robert Pattinson has just seen much about how obsessed the Twilight fanatics can get. Lately, Rob has seen fans travel from the other side of the world just to see him shoot a "dying scene" of Edward Cullen in their new installment New Moon. This scene had to be shot in Italy, where his character Edward will expose himself in the sunlight. When fans heard this, some trooped all the way to Italy just to take a glimpse at this momentous scene.
Robert Pattinson Talks About Fan Obsession
The 23 year old British actor explained that the scene was shot in "a town square in Italy and it was the closest moment I came to realizing the fan attachment to this character. People from around the world heard about the filming and flew into that town square to see Edward Cullen die. Most wanted to stop him from taking that one step into the light. Honestly, I felt this weight of anticipation and the responsibility to the fans who are obsessed with these stories." RPattz has quintessentially been vocal about how he struggled to cope with his humongous fame and is now trying not to lose his cool about. In fact, Robert Pattinson admits that he gets paranoid sometimes. Yet, he mentioned that he's beginning to stop whining about the craziness of the fame he's getting because he can virtually do nothing about it.

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