Monday, November 16, 2009

Tom Cruise Wants Katie Holmes as Villain in Next 'Mission: Impossible'

Tom Cruise is not into cheesy love stories when dreaming for a role Katie Holmes. What he wants for his 30 year old wife to play opposite him is a villain in the fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible movie. Playing secret agent Ethan Hunt is one of Tom Cruise's signature roles in his career and it's important for him to have Katie on the set. But the 47 year old actor is not asking for them to play as a couple but he wants her as his main nemesis.
Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes in Mission: Impossible 4
A reliable informant claimed that "Tom is very excited about taking 'Mission: Impossible' in a new direction and he sees Katie as a big part of that." After being married for quite a while, Tom and Katie have been meaning to "work together" but they don't want a "romantic comedy" because they find it "a bit dull". With MI4 in the works, "this might give them a chance to have some fun both as a couple and as hero and villainess". Katie herself is also looking forward about doing this project as she loves "bringing her home life into her acting roles". Katie informed that she loves playing different characters with her three year old daughter Suri. Mission: Impossible 4 is expected to be shown in the later part of 2010.

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