Britney Spears Not a Squirrel Eater

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Britney Spears Not a Squirrel Eater

It's always common for famous celebrities to have the most ridiculous stories printed about them in tabloids. Britney Spears is always an easy target for the most bizarre things attributed to her - one of which is that squirrel meat has been on her diet list! In her official website, the 28 year old blonde singer listed the top 75 articles among the 13,000 stories about her that were the most 'absurd'.
Britney Spears Not a Squirrel Eater
Britney Spears promoters in her website thought that some of these stories were "patently absurd or simply offensive", so they "ranked the ones we believe were the most ridiculous" and listed the "Top 75 Bull%*&t Britney Spears stories" of 2009. The Britney Spears squirrel eater rumor came from a London tabloid that utterly exposed that the singer's family used to eat squirrel meat during her "trailer park childhood". The Daily Star alleged that this revelation had sent "sales of squirrel meat soaring" as fans "snapped up squirrel, rabbit and possum meat from butchers and restaurants". Britney Spears, of course, denied that squirrels were part of her family's menu.

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