Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Adam Lambert Diet-Staying in Shape to Promote Album

Adam Lambert is braving the holiday season with a strict diet. The 27 year old American Idol alumnus says that he's got to stay in shape for him to effectively promote his debut album 'For Your Entertainment Only'. In fact, he proudly declared in an interview with FOX News that: "Fox News, "I'm on such a diet now... I want to stay in great shape so no candy for me."
Adam Lambert Diet-Staying in Shape to Promote Album
Although Adam Lambert is not really keen on keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, he concurred that: "Everyone should get out of the mirror, that's not what matters... We are programmed in society to be so hard on ourselves and our appearance."
Earlier, Adam was busy Sunday night, December 20, as he shot a music video for his newest single "Whataya Want From Me". He appears to be very ecstatic about his second single and it features aspiring actress Julianna Milton playing one of his female fans. This video will be in the vantage point of the fans so we'll see if it rakes another controversy. Hope you’ll be able to survive the Christmas feast, though! We know it will be tough resisting that!

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