Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fergie Awed by Co-Stars in 'Nine'

Black Eye Peas' lone female member Fergie is starting a whole new niche in acting for the new film musical Nine. As a novice in the acting department, Fergie can't deny that she's star struck by most of her established co-stars. Most of all, she's "awed" by 75 year old Italian actress Sophia Loren. Fergie exclaimed: "I was in awe of Sophia Loren - I couldn't believe I was in the same room as her!"
Fergie in Nine Movie
The 34 year old singer-turned-actress is playing the role of Saraghina in Nine. Fergie revealed she was struggling to cope with her esteemed co-stars acting-wise. She informed: "Nicole Kidman I'd thought of as a very statuesque figure, but she's very down to earth." How about Dame Judi Dench? Fergie said she cannot help giggling with the award-winning actress because Judi Dench has a wacky sense of humor. In an interview with Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine, Fergie stated that: "I sat next to Dame Judi Dench in the makeup chair and she cracked me up - she's hilarious, and I formed a great friendship with Kate Hudson too. We all got along brilliantly." I guess everybody' excited with everyone in this movie and I guess it will be a shoo-in in next year's Oscars hopefully.

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