Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Latest: Elin Nordegren Leaves After 7 Tiger Mistresses

Elin Nordegren can obviously not take anything worse than hearing her husband banging seven (or nine depending on who's reporting) other women. attested that Elin had already packed her bags to live in another house near their Windermere mansion. The 7th mistress is allegedly identified as Holly Sampson, an adult film star.
Tiger Woods Latest Elin Nordegren Leaves 7 Tiger Mistresses
The 6th mistress Cori Rist of New York has become a toast of the reporters. She's now hiding in her New York apartment refusing to comment on how she got an autographed golf club from the star athlete for her 7 year old son. Now, Tiger Woods is just getting the hang of all these media frenzy over his illicit affairs. Rumor has it that one of his girlfriends got some photos of the champion golfer in his birthday suit. Just pray that it won't come out in the open. Or else, Tiger Woods would have to say goodbye to wholesome image and all his million dollar endorsements. Check out the List of Seven Tiger Woods Mistresses on Video:

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